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I began my career in film working in visual effects, contributing to several high-profile blockbusters. This experience enabled me to transition into photography, specialising in unit stills and behind-the-scenes work for film productions. I am passionate about film, and collaborating with productions to document their projects is always a privilege.


My expertise includes:

  • Unit Stills: I work closely with the camera department to capture accurate and detailed stills used for promotion, publicity, archival records, and media content.

  • BTS: In addition to set photography, I specialise in capturing candid moments during production, showcasing authenticity and providing insight into the project's creation. This includes actors, directors, crew members at work, set design, construction, equipment, actor prep, rehearsals, and promotional material for marketing and publicity.


I bring years of experience in the film industry, ensuring professionalism on set, fast delivery, and collaboration to meet your needs. I use top-of-the-range cameras, capturing details silently to avoid disturbing the filmmaking process.

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