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I've worked in Theatre for the better part of a decade, starting out on stage but quickly finding a passion behind the lens. 

My goal as a photographer working with you is to capture those poignant moments that define your productions.

I specialise in working with productions through rehearsals, dress rehearsals, opening night, BTS, workshops and press events, ensuring comprehensive cover of the full spectrum of your production. 

Why Choose My Lens:

  1. - Imagery: I specialise in capturing visually compelling images that encapsulate the intensity and emotion of each scene. 


  3. - Collaboration: Understanding the collaborative nature of theatre, I seamlessly blend into the production team, ensuring my photography enhances the overall experience without disruption. 

  4. - Delivery:  I can provide next day or even same day delivery turnaround on high-quality images, for press, posters, flyers, and social media content. 


  6. - Equipment: I use top of the range equipment. From fast moving dance and performance to low light and even candle-lit scenes, every moment is captured in the highest detail. I navigate the challenges of any live environment, delivering sharp, vibrant images that capture the essence of your production. 

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